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Our Purpose

College Unbound (CU), focuses on adult learners who have faced significant barriers to attending college. CU coordinates courses, field studies, and in-depth project work to help students develop field-specific knowledge and skills that encourage deep learning. CU fills a unique niche in postsecondary education for returning adult learners with a Bachelor’s Degree program designed around an innovative, personalized, interest/project-based curriculum model.

Student Experience

Anjel Newmann

"My work primarily focuses on working with young people, especially those who have been most impacted by systems of oppression, to realize their own potential through the arts. I am committed to addressing systems of racism within the arts community and educational environments."

Taina Rosario

"Attending College Unbound has given me the opportunity to pursue and complete my degree while advancing my personal vision of community health through project-based learning. My goal is to develop and empower young ambassadors for health in our inner cities that will create ripples of change in their communities and the state."

Lily Torres

"I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn my Bachelor’s degree from College Unbound. This degree will now push me further to achieving my dream of one day becoming a lawyer."

Luz M. Gonzalez

"I am a New York City native and Human Resources enthusiast, who loves the arts. I love to utilize my love of children, shared experiences, and organizational management to spread joy and enhance work experiences."

William Shavers

"I chose the program at CU because I have a passion for learning with like-minded students. After graduation I want to attain my Master’s & grow as a Housing Advocate. I love the community I live in & want to help move it forward!"

News & Announcements

Black History is more than a month!  | Carlon Howard

Black History is more than a month!

CU is taking the time to focus on the accomplishments of Black Americans in our community. For the month of June, we continue our recognition by celebrating a community leader and one of our College Unbound faculty, Carlon Howard.
New Leadership at College Unbound | Dr. Sylvia Spears

New Leadership at College Unbound

Dr. Dennis Littky, President of College Unbound, announced today that Dr. Sylvia Spears will join the leadership team of the College effective August 1, 2021.

Fast Facts

  • books97% of CU graduates report that they are more marketable as a result of earning their degree.
  • faculty87% of CU graduates continued their projects after graduation.
  • grad75% of students who started in 2016 have completed their BA in less than 4 years.