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Student Support

Culture of Support


College Unbound offers comprehensive and systematic support to help students stay in their degree program, graduate, and remain on track afterwards.


As you create and pursue your project, your advisor plays a central role. Your advisor will also help with some of the non-academic issues that may surface as you pursue your studies.


Additional support is available to you through our professional contracted services:

  • Psychologist/ Learning Specialists
  • Writing Tutors: one-on-one and group support
  • Math Tutors: one-on-one and group support 
  • Mental Health Providers: confidential space for conversations as needed


Our supportive learning environment includes:  

  • Food during class meetings
  • Babysitting and integrating students with families within the classroom
  • Weekly study open houses for extra tutoring and group work


Financial fitness support is available:

  • Individualized financial mentoring and assistance during the application phase, including assistance with the federal financial aid process and financial roadblocks to re-entry into college
  • Regularly scheduled financial fitness sessions and individual mentoring during enrollment 


We are identifying ways we could assist our graduates in the future, including strengthening skills in interviewing and negotiating, offering financial check-ups, and creating a secure forum for sharing financial experience and other skills.


For technology support, please contact the Tech Help Desk by reaching out to Kofi Mireku. Make sure to put "CU Helpdesk" in the subject line of the email.