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The College Unbound Experience » We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!

We work hard and laugh together daily!
If you are focused, passionate about the work we do, and have fun celebrating as a team, you'll fit right in!
We are currently hiring for Fall 2017. Below is a list of the current job opportunities within our dynamic organization!
Communications Associate
Integral to effective internal and external communications, you will develop a message to effectively share CU with multiple audiences through social and print media.

Education Coordinator, College Unbound in Prisons
An essential liaison with the RI Department of Corrections, you will coordinate CU course scheduling, communicate with faculty, recruit student cohorts inside the prison, and ensure a smooth academic transition from inside to outside.

Recruitment Strategist
Vital to developing and maintaining a growing student body, you will use best practices in college recruitment, developing and implementing strategies to bring returning adult learners to CU.

Research Assistant
Working closely with the VP of Strategic Planning, you will
gather and analyze student and program data, evaluating and documenting CU planning and progress for accreditation.

Academic Advising Faculty/Instructional Faculty
Facilitating project development, integrating the students’
purposes for learning with the needs of their workplaces and
communities, improving the lives of the students and the lives of those they touch.
Interested? Send your cover letter and resume to

College Unbound (CU), founded in 2009 and authorized as the newest college in Rhode Island in 2015, focuses on adult learners who faced significant barriers to attending and dropped out of college. CU uses interest-based, project-centered learning as its core model; projects are developed by the students and related to their real-world work experience or interests. Each project requires research, interviewing, networking, and testing theories and ideas in ways that are meaningful to the student. Key to CU’s curriculum is The Big 10 Leadership and Change competencies that consist of intellectual, practical, and social skills important to employers and necessary for success in life.

Currently pursuing regional accreditation, CU is growing from program to institution, increasing student enrollment and growing a quality team to support them!