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Director of Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid
About College Unbound: College Unbound (CU) was founded in 2009, authorized as the newest college in Rhode Island in 2015, and was granted Candidate for Accreditation status through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges April 2018. CU focuses on adult learners who faced significant barriers to attending and dropped out of college. CU uses interest-based, project-centered learning as its core model; projects are developed by the students and related to their real-world work experience or interests. Key to CU’s curriculum is The Big 10 Leadership and Change competencies that consist of intellectual, practical, and social skills important to employers and necessary for success in life. We are increasing enrollment and growing a quality team to support our students!
Department Summary: This is the newest department at CU! The person hired for this position will help us to create a Financial Aid Office to assist students in affording the cost of their college education. They will build a supportive and comfortable environment where representatives work with students through the entire process of applying for and receiving grants and/or loans.
Position Summary: The Director of Financial Aid will report directly to the Provost as a key member of the leadership team. The Director is responsible for setting the strategic direction and providing leadership for the effective development and delivery of programs and services to students who apply for and/or receive financial assistance. The Director administers a multifaceted student financial aid program consisting of grants, loans, and scholarships for students, as well as work study options. The Director provides leadership in establishing and interpreting financial aid policies. The Office of Financial Aid must build and maintain strong relationships with the Provost, Vice President of Administration and Finance, the Registrar, Admissions and Recruitment leadership, and Advising Faculty in order to achieve institutional goals and support student success.
1. LeadtheOfficeofFinancialAid,instrategicdirection,budgeting,planning,andcomplex daily operations.
2. SupervisetheOfficeofFinancialAidstaff.
3. Overseeacomprehensivefinancialaidprogramwhichmeetsthedemonstratedneedsof
College Unbound’s students and adheres to Federal, State, and Institutional regulations. Administer directly and indirectly all Federal, State and Institutional financial aid programs, including continuous program assessment.
4. Overseefinancialaidandneedsassessmentprocesstoensurestudentsareproperly funded, packaged, and prepared to start each semester.
5. ManagetheexpenditureofallFederal,Stateandinstitutionalfinancialaidfunds, including federal work study which is administered in the Human Resources area.
6. Createawelcomingandinclusiveenvironmentthatactivelysupportsandcounsels prospective and current students. Develop and oversee an effective communication plan to assist students in progressing through the financial aid process.
7. MaximizeFinancialAid’sroleinrecruitingandretentionbydevelopingandimplementing student centered, inclusive financial aid awarding guidelines, policies and procedures with a focus on awareness, access, effectiveness and exceptional service to current and prospective students.
8. EnsuretheFinancialAidofficeprocedurescomplywithCollegeUnbound,Stateand Federal (Title IV) policy and regulations, and adhere to effective, efficient processing that complies with the Department of Education’s standards while providing support for decision making, policy recommendations and administrative improvements. This includes resolution of Title IV compliance exception reports.
9. Successfullyimplementandmonitorallfederalandstatefinancialaidregulationsand policies, as well as institutional policies, resulting in exception-free financial aid audits and program reviews. Possess the ability to clearly articulate and communicate the regulations and policies to a variety of audiences.
10. Maintain appropriate records for financial aid awards.
11. Oversee reporting to internal and external constituencies including federal/state
governments and professional organizations. Ensure accurate and timely submission of
all required financial aid reports.
12. Effectively communicate financial aid and scholarship data to a variety of constituencies
across the college with a focus on data driven decision-making.
13. Develop collaborative partnerships with departments across the college to enhance
relationships and leverage service to students.
14.Work closely with the Business Office to communicate current practices for student bill
15. Responsible for the hiring of knowledgeable and talented staff. Provide ongoing
mentoring and training to team members regarding current policies, regulations and changes within the field. Create a work environment that focuses on innovation, enhanced technology and practices to deliver a student-centered philosophy.
16. Conduct financial aid information sessions and outreach to students.
17. Participate in state, regional and national professional associations in order to remain
connected to best practices in financial aid and scholarships.
18. Participate actively in college committee work and campus events.
19. Other duties as assigned.

Work Environment:
College Unbound complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants and employees with disabilities.
Office activities are performed in an environmentally controlled office setting subject to extended periods of sitting, keyboarding and interaction with computer equipment; Occasional bending, reaching, lifting, pushing and pulling up to 10 pounds.

Special Conditions for Eligibility:
Please be aware that employment at College Unbound is contingent upon completion of a successful background check.

Special Instructions to Applicants:
Please note the following information is required to complete your application for this position:
*a minimum of one (1) related employment history. *a minimum of three (3) professional references.
To apply: Send your cover letter and resume to dlittky@collegeunbound.org.
College Unbound does not discriminate on the basis of race creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and/or marital status.
Required Qualifications:
● Bachelor’s degree
● Three years or more full-time experience in financial aid directly related to financial
aid counseling, eligibility determination, needs analysis, verification and packaging
along with supervisory experience.
● Experience working with and advocating for all students including first generation
students, low income students, and students of color.
● Expert knowledge of federal legislation and regulations governing student assistance
and need analysis.
● Effective use of data when making decisions and assessing effectiveness of programs and/or services.
● Ability to work effectively with diverse populations of students, faculty, staff and the public using tact and courtesy in sometimes challenging situations.
● Demonstrated leadership, budget management, program development and organizational skills.
● Demonstrated success building collaborative teams, staff development and working relationships with internal and external groups.
● Effective communication skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts, ideas and issues to a broad range of campus constituents.
● Knowledge about both Federal and State Student Financial Aid programs, and Governmental Accounting. Knowledge of Financial Aid rules, processes, policies, and procedures in higher education. Knowledge of FERPA regulations and confidentiality procedures.
● Demonstrated commitment to excellent service and a focus on student success with a track record of data-driven creative problem-solving, team-building, process redesign, and innovation.
● Up-to-date knowledge of best practices and current issues in the administration of financial aid.
● Proficient skills with financial aid management software.
● Possess a sophisticated understanding of the applications of technology in
administering financial aid and take a lead role in the advancement of technology in
an effort to streamline processes and increase efficiencies.
● A sense of humor, respect for others, and ability to be a team player, as well as
developing effective teams.
Preferred Qualifications:
● Experience with Financial Aid software.
● Extensive knowledge of financial aid and scholarship awarding practices.
● Experience in the public sector of higher education.
● Commitment to excellence and innovation, and an appreciation for the role of
technology in achieving those standards.
● Ability to implement successful training programs and service delivery models.
● Ability to interpret qualitative and statistical data for problem solving, decision-
making, and forecasting.
● A record of participation in national professional associations and support for others
to do so.
Salary Range: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Phone: (401) 752-264
325 Public ST, Providence, RI 02905