Dr. Julia Rickert » Biography


B.A., Eastern Washington University; Ed.L.D., Harvard University

Tracy started skipping class in kindergarten in order to pursue her own ideas. That practice continued through high school. Determined to change the system and connect students to their own passion for learning, she became an educator and has taught at all levels K-16.

Tracy Money has over 30 years of experience as a leader and innovator in education. She was selected from over 1,000 applicants across the nation to be a part of the first cohort in Harvard University’s Education Leadership doctoral program. The program honed skills in organizational development, and building infrastructure for sustainability and scale. Tracy’s dissertation “Learning to Lead/Leading to Learn: Developing, Nurturing, and Sustaining Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education highlights the work of College Unbound. With College Unbound for five years, Tracy has led the development of systems, processes, and tools to support the College Unbound infrastructure. As part of the Executive Team, she has developed initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization, increased visibility across key stakeholder audiences, and collected and analyzed data to measure College Unbound success. Tracy has also been a College Unbound instructor, teaching courses in Composition and Organization Theory and Management. In addition to her doctorate in Education Leadership, Tracy has a Masters in Curriculum Development, a Bachelor’s in Education, and principal certification. Prior experience includes designing, founding, and directing a high school in Washington State that offers a highly personalized program of self-directed project-based learning. Tracy has experience in making substantive and sustainable systems-level change, stays on top of current education research and easily translates that research into practice.