Building Your Big 10 Portfolio

The Organizational Leadership & Change Bachelor’s degree requires that 10 of the credits completed within this degree come from The Big 10, the lifelong learning skills on which our curriculum is based. We have created a process for you to demonstrate your growth in each of the Big 10 skills. When this process is done successfully, you will receive 1 credit for each Big 10 skill, resulting in a total of 10 credits towards your degree.
This is a step-by-step guide that elaborates on the outline above. Steps one through five are listed below detailing this process along with other common questions.

Getting Started:

What is it?
A prerequisite for Capstone, this is a dual process of portfolio submission and public discussion that showcases how you have developed each Big 10 skill. You will earn one credit for each Big 10 Skill (totaling 10 credits towards the 120 you need to graduate).
How does it work?
You will utilize the criteria within the rubric for each Big 10 skill as a guide to gather relevant documents from your job, schooling, extracurricular activities, etc., and use this documentation as evidence to support your proficiency in the skill. You will also write a 2-3 page reflective essay that will accompany the documentation.
When should I begin?
You should begin collecting documentation as soon as you begin your degree program, but the entire portfolio process will vary for each student depending on how many credits you have left to graduate when you arrive.
Step One:
Choose a Skill to Develop

Review each Big 10 skill and assess yourself against the rubric criteria. In what areas are you already an expert? Where do you need further development? Work with your Lab faculty to plan how you will develop this skill.
Step Two:
Gather Content & Annotate

Collect any relevant documentation that shows how you have or are developing one of the criteria associated with this skill. Add 1-3 sentences on each document explaining what it is and how it helps demonstrate the particular Big 10 criteria.
Step Three:
Write a Reflective Essay
Once you have gathered all of your supporting documentation & annotated each document, write a 2-3 page reflective essay that describes your development of the skill, why it matters, and what you will do with the skill moving forward.
Step Four:
Submit a Portfolio Draft

Your portfolio will consist of 2 main parts: a two- three page reflective essay and annotated supporting
documentation. Once you have completed a draft, submit it to your Lab Faculty for approval.
Step Five:
Review, Edit & Submit!
Once you receive your Lab Faculty’s feedback and have made all necessary revisions and edits, submit your final portfolio draft to In Capstone, you will be asked to speak about your Big 10 growth so make any notes you will want to remember for that presentation now.