Degree Requirements

Graduates of College Unbound meet the following degree requirements:
  1. They have earned 30 semester credit hours at the 300-level or above.
  2. They have earned 30 semester credit hours at College Unbound.
  3. They have at least a 2.0 GPA.
  4. They have earned at least 120 semester credit hours distributed as follows:
Distribution Requirements Credit Hours
General Education
(grade of D or better) with the following areas covered:
9 CH of Civics: 3 CH exploring power and difference, and 6 CH studying global citizenship
12 CH of Arts and Humanities: 6 CH in advanced composition, 3 CH in literature and/or fine arts, and 3 CH in history
10 CH of Science and Math: 3 CH in science, 4 CH in a science with lab component, and 3 CH in math
10 CH in Social Science: 3 CH exploring individual and/or group dynamics, and 6 CH studying research methods
3 CH of Integrated and Applied Learning every semester in the World & Workplace Lab course
Leadership & Change Major
(grade of C or better):
Required Courses:
    1. OLC 215, Introduction to Organizational Leadership & Change, 3 CH
    2. OLC 355, Reframing Failure, 3 CH
    3. OLC315/SBS305, Contextualizing Work: Research Methods I, 3 CH
    4. OLC400, Capstone, 3 CH
Required Areas of Study:
    1. Organizational Studies, 3 CH
    2. Leadership Studies, 3 CH
    3. Change Studies, 3 CH
Major Electives: 15 credit hours
Big 10 Leadership & Change Competencies 10
Free Electives 28
Total credit hours required 120
Detailed curriculum
Please visit the Office of the Registrar for a detailed curriculum sheet as well as an overview of the online degree audit tool.