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Academic Approach

Academic Approach and Experience

CU’s academic content and instruction are designed to accelerate your learning and enable you to complete your degree. Learning takes place in the classroom, online, with peers, in your workplace, and in your local community.


It is possible to work full time and complete your degree in Organizational Leadership and

Change. Students balance a job, parenting, learning, and other obligations.

  • Students can earn 15 credits per semester while working full time.
  • Nearly all transfer credits are accepted.


Your study is personalized and supported by a team. Highlights include:


  • Prior Learning Assessment:  During the first year of the program, you take a course called Prior Learning Assessment. You learn how to document and analyze learning that takes place outside of the classroom. You build a portfolio of your learning to submit for evaluation to the Council for Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL) for possible college credit. Most of the CU students who pursue CAEL credit have received it. 
  • Personal Learning Plan (PLP): You develop a plan that reflects your interests and needs. The PLP is your tool to help you meet your goals for learning and for life. Seventy-five percent of CU students consistently update PLPs on a weekly basis, according to student surveys.
  • Personal Learning Network: Your network provides feedback on the plan and your progress. Members include a professor mentor, your peers, a field expert and your academic adviser.
  • Student Learning Exhibitions: Held every eight weeks, the exhibitions give you an opportunity to present progress and receive feedback on the project you developed and your ability to integrate and apply theories and ideas.