Student Experience

Angie Leary

"College Unbound made my passion come true. In 2017, my organization opened, it's called, 'Can you hear me now?'"

Sherry Rivera

"Even if it takes me til I am 90, I want to see these ideas become reality and impact people!"

Anthony Viera

"I used to work as a maintenance tech at an art college. I would look around at the art and think I could be at this level some day. Now I feel like I am."

Lauren Roy

"I learned how to unlearn and question as a practice, leading to personal success. College Unbound is right now and it is the future."

George O'Toole

George developed Rally for Recovery to give a voice to people in recovery and show the public and those currently in recovery that recovery is possible.

Student Snapshot: Chris Suchmann

Chris Suchmann on working with his family, what he's learned from being at College Unbound, and developing a creative space for everyone!
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