Elizabeth Araujo Haller

"I would like to thank my loving husband of 20 years and my kids who are starting their own grown up journeys. My "couldn’t get any better colleagues", Gina Rodriguez, Stephanie Fortunato and Micah Salkind, they all really listened to my hairbrained ideas and seemingly endless frustrations. Thanks to CU Provost Adam Bush for convincing me to stay in school.

And thanks to the wonderful Charles “Chris” Dickson whose grace, humor and humanity got me through the day to day struggle. I would like to take a moment to thank my mother who passed away in 2019. She really believed that school was so important. Mom, I still miss you so much every day. You were my best friend and my biggest fan. I know you would have been proud of me today. Thank you for all that you were and who you helped me become."