Charlene Howie

"My college journey started at The Community College of RI, where I graduated in 2004 with my associate’s degree. At that point in my life, it was one of my biggest accomplishments. Being the first person in my immediate family to attend and graduate college was satisfying. Having that degree wasn't enough for me, I knew that at that moment I needed to do more. My biggest goal was to lead my children by example, and preaching to them that going to college could benefit their future, when I had never fully finished going to college, did not sit well in my heart. The thought of going back to college was stressful, I wanted a college just right for me, something that would fit my schedule being a mother with three daughters while working a full-time job and still trying to maintain a personal life. I heard about College Unbound years prior when I thought about going back to school. Fast forward to the present, I am now in my late 30s and I am graduating, a moment I have always wanted. I am beyond happy and cannot believe I finally did it. To my daughters; Zayila, Marque, and Jurni, mommy loves you with all her heart and this is for you. Mommy finally did it!"