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Assistant Dean/Associate Dean for Faculty & Instruction

Assistant Dean/Associate Dean for Faculty & Instruction
Providence, RI
Designs and implements a robust learning and professional development program for CU faculty that mirrors the learning they are leading for CU adult students and that respects the diverse knowledge and limited time of College Unbound’s (CU) part-time faculty.

This program mirrors CU’s approach to adult learning with faculty cohorts, faculty affinity groups, faculty projects, faculty portfolios, and online learning that is phased in to support but not overwhelm faculty.

Responsibilities include:
• Collaborates with faculty in co-construction of competencies for CU’s lab and instructional faculty that include the faculty version of the Big 10 leadership and change competencies as well as teaching and learning specific competencies.
• Builds online modules to support onboarding and faculty development of CU’s Faculty Big 10 and teaching and learning competencies.
• Creates structures for and supports faculty in developing projects and portfolios that enhance their teaching at CU and also advance their personal, professional, and/or community work
• Helps launch and support faculty cohorts and faculty affinity groups/learning communities.
• Develops and implements a system of formative feedback for faculty that includes:
- Improved, actionable and timely feedback from students, including working with faculty, the Academic Affairs & Technology Committee, and the Provost’s Office to replace the current course evaluation survey
- Regular opportunities for peer-to-peer observation and learning including gathering faculty teaching core course to share ideas and improve individual courses as well as alignment across courses
- A graduated schedule of observation and coaching of faculty that includes holding one-on-one meetings with Lab Faculty weekly in their first semester, biweekly in their second and third semesters, and then monthly going forward; meeting one-on-one with Instructional faculty at least twice in their first semester; and regularly observing classes.
• Takes the lead in setting the agenda and managing lab and whole faculty meetings.
• Recruits and manages onboarding of faculty.
• Collaborates with faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the Academic Affairs team to ensure quality control and ongoing, iterative improvement of teaching and learning at CU.
• Stays up-to-date on current research and best practices on adult learning, andragogy, teaching, and faculty development.
• Other duties as assigned.

To Apply:
Email: Please send resume and cover letter to thagopian@collegeunbound.org, listing the position title in the subject heading.
Successful candidates will be mission-driven, detail-oriented, collaborative, creative problem solvers who will thrive in the all-hands-on-deck ethos of a higher education start-up. Candidates must also be able to work independently, prioritize, organize, and multi-task; will possess strong interpersonal and communication skills

Minimum Education & Experience Requirements:
• Master’s degree or equivalent experience
• Experience and insight gained while working within an institution of higher education or other non-profit organizations is preferred
• Assistant or Associate Dean title depending upon experience
Contact Tara Hagopian
Phone: (401) 752-2640
Fax: N/A
325 Public Street , Providence, RI 02905