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**Thank you for all interested! At this time, we are no longer accepting applications for College Unbound's Daring Dozen $10,000 Scholarship.**

College Unbound's Daring Dozen $10,000 Scholarship


College Unbound, a bachelor degree completion program, which was approved on May 20, 2015 as the 13th degree-granting institution in Rhode Island, is now accepting applications for its second cohort independent of partner institutions. Twelve qualified students will receive merit scholarships of $10,000—enough to cover one full year of tuition!! The scholarships are renewable for each year through completion of the student’s degree, provided s/he remains in good academic standing.


Applicants must demonstrate:

Minimum college GPA of 2.0
Minimum of 9 college credits (3 in Writing/Composition)
Fewer than 60 college credits
Adequate college-readiness skills
Commitment to College Unbound and completing your degree



The scholarship award covers tuition for one full year, totaling $10,000. 

Each year that the recipient remains in good standing, will receive a $10,000 scholarship award letter through completion of their degree.


Requirements of the Award

  • Completed application along with official transcripts and $50 refundable Application Fee are accepted on a rolling basis but our priority deadline is November 18th, 2016.
  • $500 semester fees – submit by September 29th, 2017.
  • Must enroll as a full-time student and pursue at least 12 credits each semester.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Attend weekly seminar (held on Mondays).
  • Attend weekly 1:1 meeting with Academic Advisor.
  • Maintain and implement a Personal Learning Plan.
  • Develop and maintain a Personal Learning Network.
  • Participate in program review.
  • Participate in program press and documentation.