College Unbound

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Board of Trustees

Robert Carothers, Chairman
Former President, University of Rhode Island

Pat Kidder, Vice-Charwoman

Attorney, Director Credit's Cool Financial Literacy


Seney Chang
Research Assistant, Providence City Council
Richard Culatta
Chief Executive Officer, International Society for Technology in Education
Jennifer Davis-Allison
Principal and Consultant at Partners, Training and Consulting
Nancy Diaz Bain
Co-Director, The Met School
Scott Evenbeck
Founding President, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College CUNY
Todd Flaherty

Educational Policy Advisor & Consultant; Former President & CEO of College Crusade RI

Honorable Robert Flanders

Former Associate Justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court; Chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Education



Cedric Huntley

Director, Southside Recreation Center and Met Facilities


Representative Joseph McNamara

Legislator, Director, Health Education and Welfare for the State of Rhode Island



Carlos Moreno

Co-Director, Big Picture Learning


John Saltmarsh

Director, New England Resource Center for Higher Education at UMass Boston


Philipp Schmidt

Director of Innovation, MIT Media Lab



Honorable Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson

Federal Judge, US Court of Appeals, Rhode Island



Jamie Uretsky

Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut



Wendell Pritchett

Provost, University of Pennsylvania



Darrell Waldron

Co-Director, Big Picture Learning


Elliot Washor

Co-Director, Big Picture Learning